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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Cozy this Holiday Season

Posted on November 28, 2022 by Digital Hot Sauce

5 ways to make your home cozy this winter

With the weather changing outside from a crisp fall to the joyous wonderland that is winter, it’s time to infuse your home with some holiday cheer. Give your home a toasty, cozy makeover this Christmas with these upgrades, quick decor fixes, and expert ideas. 

Instead of spending a lot of money on changing every aspect of your home, concentrate on making a few smaller spots of your home feel special. Here are 5 simple ways to make your home cozy this holiday season.

Switch Up Your Art

DIY Christmas Decor

If you’re looking to give your home a winter upgrade with the minimum amount of effort, try mixing up your artwork.

Wooden sleds can be hung on walls or placed in the corner of a room for a cabin-like feel. Ski lodge decor is also the perfect addition to any room – hang an elk antler chandelier or a pair of snowshoes or skis to really bring it all together.

Another way to switch up your art to inspire some holiday cheer is to get creative with your frames. Try out some frames decorated with snowflakes, icicles, or anything else that has a wintery feel to it.

Decorating with snowshoes and other ski lodge antiques will bring the perfect alpine vibe into your living room or bedroom and make it cozy. 

Consider Adding a Bar Cart

Wooden Bart Cart

Photo Credit: Overstock Canada

Adding a bar cart is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel festive for the holidays, and helps create a warm, inviting atmosphere. A bar cart will create a central space for family and friends to gather around.

Going for a vintage piece is a great way to mix antique and modern furniture. It’s the perfect way to add some pizzazz to any space while giving it a festive feel.

The bar cart can also be used as storage for all your holiday party essentials such as champagne flutes, a decanter with wine glasses, and cocktail shakers.

Put a Tree in Your Bedroom

Christmas tree in bedroom

Photo Credit: My Domaine

If you’re looking for a cozy new way to decorate your bedroom, adding a Christmas tree is the perfect addition. Ski Country offers an array of ornaments and decor to make your bedroom pop! Placing a small tree in the corner can bring a magical feeling to any room, and the decorations will last all season long. 

Also, adding some white and icy decorations to your tree can create an ethereal winter wonderland feeling. Drape some white fake fur around the bottom of your tree to give it that extra-cozy feel. 

Add Cozy, Chunky Blankets and Pillows

Pillows, cushions, blankets on couches

Adding soft, chunky blankets and pillows are a great way to make your home feel cozy for the holidays. Give your living room or bedroom an inviting feel by adding these pieces to trunks or chests. Liven up your space with small additions.  

Ski Country offers a wide selection of luxurious and stylish trunks, chests, cushions and pillows that are perfect for the winter season. Don’t forget to add some faux fur or sheepskin blankets to your sofa or bed too!

Choose Rustic Colors

Rustic farmhouse style Christmas decor

Rustic colors are perfect for winter and will give your home a cozy, inviting feel. Adding curtains or rugs in rustic shades of grey, brown, and navy will pull the entire room together. 

If you’re looking for something small to add a touch of rustic color to your home, consider an antique figurine or centerpiece. When it comes to decorating your home for winter, a little color goes a long way.

Now that we’ve provided some inspiration, it’s time to bring the holiday spirit to your home. Visit us in-store to find the perfect holiday ornaments, accessories, and furniture pieces to add to your home this winter.

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