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Shop Ski Country Antiques & Home's antique furniture on 1stdibs

Antique Furniture Repair & Restoration

Our in-house team has over 20 years of experience in providing antique furniture restoration services to customers in the greater Denver area. Whether it is a family heirloom that needs cleaning and refurbishing, or a dresser that may require a complete rebuild, we offer a variety of antique repair and restoration services to help bring your old or damaged furniture back to life.

Save time, money and frustration by giving us a call to evaluate your antique furniture.

Our Antique Restoration Process

1. We’ll Give You an Estimate

Do you have an antique restoration project in mind? Emailing us photos of your piece is usually all we need to start. Please send photos of the entire piece from different angles, as well as up close shots of the areas needing repair. Photos can be sent to

This gives us an idea of the work required so that we can estimate the cost and duration of the job. We may have follow-up questions for you at this step (and we’ll answer all of yours too!). If you’re happy with the estimate, then we can proceed with the restoration work.

2. Bring Your Item In, or We’ll Come to You

We offer a number of different services which will be determined on a piece by piece basis. If you’re in the Greater Denver area, then customer drop-off and pick-up will be the most cost-effective option for you. 

Most antique repairs and restorations require us to be in our shop; however, some pieces can be finished at your home. This “in-home” option will be determined after receiving photos from you and evaluating the work needed. There will be a travel fee for all in-home services and home visits.

Can’t get the piece to us? We contract with many local delivery companies who can pick up your piece and deliver it back to you. Contact us and we can get you a quote for this service.

3. Let Us Take Care of the Rest

For most antique pieces, our turnaround time is based on repairs needed. An estimate will be given once the piece has been evaluated and dropped off at our shop. If you have visited us in-store before, chances are you have seen pieces that have been restored by our in-house team - but you’d never know it, we are that good!


Antique Restoration Projects

 broken swiss chalet  antique restoration of swiss chalet clock and music box

This Swiss chalet clock and music box, needed extensive cleaning and repair. New stairs, railing, and one of the balconies where carved flawlessly to match the original.

 broken and dented trim - antique restoration  broken and dented trim fixed - antique restoration

This piece had its broken and dented trim restored. 

antique restoration cabinet missing top molding  Antique restoration fashioned and replaced top molding

This antique cabinet was missing some top molding. We fashioned and replaced the top molding.

antique restoration missing veneer  antique restoration fixed missing veneer

Fixed missing veneer.

Antique Furniture Restoration FAQ

Here are our answers to the top three questions that we receive about antique furniture repair and restoration. 

How Much Will Antique Restoration Cost?

Antique restoration costs vary. Your best bet is to get in touch for an estimate. 

We encourage you to shop around. Find a few reputable antique restoration companies and compare our quote to theirs. We guarantee that we can meet or beat almost any of our competition’s prices. In the rare instance that we can’t, we will let you know. (We say rare because it hasn’t happened yet!).

Curious how we estimate the cost of our antique restoration projects? We operate on an hourly rate, with most standard materials and labor factored into the cost.  We also have an extensive collection of hardware and a network of suppliers at our disposal, if we need to source specific items or hardwoods for your piece.  

Should I Restore or Refinish My Antiques?

Our restoration process, which we recommend for most items, involves using minimally invasive techniques to bring life back to an antique, while maintaining the piece’s original character and patina. In most cases (there are rare exceptions), the cost of restoring an item will not be recouped if your goal in restoring the item is a potential resale.  We recommend restoration of your antiques if you want to continue to enjoy them or have them in great shape to hand down to future generations. 

Refinishing is a much more time intensive process and requires taking the piece (or section of a piece) down to bare wood. Refinishing an item will almost always cost more than restoration and is not often something we recommend for antiques, unless absolutely necessary. If however a section of an antique needs to be refinished, we use techniques, tools, and hardware to match the repairs flawlessly to the rest of the piece.

Does Refinishing Antiques Reduce Their Value?

The short answer is “yes”. This is why we rarely recommend the full refinish of an item. In most cases, we want to restore a piece to bring it back to its original glory. 

However, some pieces will need refinishing to be usable in the home setting. This mainly applies to pieces that are badly damaged, have had previous refinish attempts, or do not meet the criteria for an antique item.


Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Do you have a project you’re thinking of but aren’t sure how to go about it? Send us an email with a description of your project and a few photos. We’ll advise you on the best approach, and we’ll happily take the job of restoring your most prized antique!