Shop Ski Country Antiques & Home's antique furniture on 1stdibs
Shop Ski Country Antiques & Home's antique furniture on 1stdibs

Delivery & Shipping

Learn more about your delivery and shipping options at Ski Country Antiques & Home.


      • Do you deliver?
      • We use a number of trusted companies to deliver items to our local, in-state customers. Contact us at +1-303-670-8726 and we will refer you for rates and schedules.

      • Do you ship?
      • We offer worldwide shipping on our products. International shipments may be subject to additional fees, duties and import taxes.  Any and all additional fees, duties and taxes, are the responsibility of the buyer.

      • What are your shipping methods?
      • Our shipping methods are dependent on the size of the item(s). Smaller items can be shipped through FedEx, UPS or the USPS. Larger items require freight services.

      • How much does shipping cost?
      • Shipping costs are determined based on the size of the item and the location to where it is being shipped.

      • What are the expected shipping times?
      • Shipping windows can vary based on the shipping method and the item(s) final destination. We will provide you with an estimate for your particular shipment.

      • I purchased an item online, what happens now?
      • After you check out we will contact you to provide a shipping quote for your item(s). Once shipping has been agreed, we will send you a shipping invoice. Your item will be shipped to you once payment for the shipping charges has been received.

      • How do I track my order?
      • Tracking information will be provided to you once the item is in transit.

      • What happens if my shipment is damaged?
      • Our shipping services include insurance and damage claims are handled through the normal claim process of the handler. Please inspect your purchase immediately upon receipt.

      • Do you charge sales tax?
      • Sales tax is collected for all items delivered or shipped to locations within the state of Colorado. We do not collect sales tax on items being shipped out-of-state.