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Shop Ski Country Antiques & Home's antique furniture on 1stdibs

The Art of Shopping at Antique Stores

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Judy Rom

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Shopping at antique stores offers a rich experience and can feel like stepping back into a time period. Antique stores are filled with incredibly unique items, each with their own character and patina. Did you know that In order to be called an antique, an item must be at least 100 years old? At Ski Country Antiques & Home we specialize in one of a kind antiques hand picked from northern Europe. Adding antique furniture and accessories to your home is a great way to add warmth and style. Here are our top tips for shopping at antique stores.

Knowledge is Power

Antiques come from different time periods and places. Can you spot the difference between a Louis XV and Louis XVI? Familiarizing yourself with these will make you a more informed shopper. While there are books and courses available, we find that hands-on studying at antique stores is one of the best methods of learning. Even if you aren’t ready to buy yet, shopping at antique stores is a great way to find out more information about the styles that you like. Employees at antique stores are very knowledgeable and happy to answer your questions.

Quality Antiques

Antique furniture was built to last. While much of today’s furniture is mass-produced using laminates and veneers, antique furniture is made of solid mahogany, oak, walnut, cherry and pine. If you take care of your antique furniture it will appreciate in value over time.


Spot the Winners

Part of the art of shopping at antique stores is developing an eye for quality. The first thing you should look for are signs that the item has been well cared for. Also keep an eye out for quality design and marks indicating the craftsmanship of the piece. The most important factor is how you feel about the piece; as these items are for your home, your own style preferences should come first. Look for pieces with design features that call out to you!

Don’t Let It Get Away

If you are interested in a piece, don’t let it get away! You might not find one quite like it again. Antique stores (Ski Country Antiques & Home included) are willing to hold an item for you while you check on your available space.

Do you have other tips for shopping at antique stores? Let us know.

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