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The Europe Series, Part 2 - The Odd and the Opulent

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Maggie Erickson

ski country europe blog series part 2

You just never know what you’ll come across when you’re antiquing! In the second part of our European blog series, I thought it would be entertaining to share some of the truly magnificent, as well as the legitimately strange things we found on our recent shopping trip. Do note, none of these items will be arriving in our next shipment so don’t get your heart set on anything! (And here's Part 1 in case you missed it.)

antique scuba helmet ski country
Are you for scuba?
antique chair fancy ski country
Check out the incredible caning on this fancy chair.
antique sign ski country
Sage advice, but was it really such a problem that someone had to post a sign?
antique glass european ski country
Exquisite glass work.
antique adding machine ski country
Cool adding machine - but thank goodness for modern technology.
antique mannequins ski country
We encountered many mannequins (mostly undressed) but this one had me scratching my head. I have absolutely no clue what is going on in this setup, or more curiously, why anyone would want to take this creepy guy home.
antique suit of armor ski country   antique suit armor europe ski country
Suits of armor. Young boys were often recruited for battle during early modern warfare, as seen in the smaller suits on the right.
indian antique door ski country antiques   indian antique door ski country antiques
It’s all in the details! Gorgeous patterns on these doors from India.
antique armoire repurposed as doorway ski country
This is such a creative repurposing of an antique armoire. The front of the piece was installed into the wall to create a functional doorway.
european gold antique dressing table ski country antiques
Fit for a Queen!
antique wheel ski country antiques   european antique wheels colorful ski country
Well hello there, sir. Can you give me a hand with my wheel collection?
antique marble column in europe ski country antiques
If you’re building a palace, you might need a marble column or two.
antique wooden statues european ski country   antique wooden statues european ski country
We saw these characters on a few different pieces of furniture.
european antique chest ski country antiques
This just might be the definition of opulent.
antique reclining chair ski country
I can’t imagine anyone but a dentist wanting to own this torture device.
antique safety lifebuoys ski country antiques   antique vintage safety oxygen masks ski country
Safety first.
european antique colorful glass chandelier ski country   european antique colorful glass chandelier ski country
The most colorful glass chandeliers I’ve seen. The one on the right was just massive, at least 5’ tall.
european antique marionettes ski country
Such an interesting cast of characters in this collection of marionettes. A devil, a clown, and... a pig wearing a hat?
antique miniature Eiffel tower ski country
Love the Eiffel Tower? Here’s a smaller, backyard-sized version.
vintage top hats ski country antiques   vintage dress shirt collars ski country antiques
Time to get gussied up.
repurposed antique chandelier and painting ski country
Another repurposing win. Although it’s best to choose a painting you don’t mind destroying as the wiring for the chandelier goes right through the middle.

Antiquing is never as simple as walking into a room of only lovely things. It is also a lot of sorting through what other people have deemed valuable. In the world of antiques, one person's trash can truly be another person's treasure.

Our container is currently navigating its way across the Atlantic and we expect it to arrive within the next few weeks. So to further hold you over while you patiently wait, I’ll be finishing up our three-part blog series with a final post - One Day as a Tourist. Stay with us!

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