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How To Choose Antique Nightstands

Posted on November 19, 2018 by Maggie Erickson

First things first, you want your antique nightstands to fit in with your bedroom. If you have a larger bed and headboard, it's best to go with larger nightstands. This will keep the proportions of your room in balance. The general rule is to pick antique nightstands that are the same height as your mattress. This makes it easy to reach for things from your bed. 

How to choose nightstands

Image: Tim Clark Design

Antique white nightstands add personality and charm to your bedroom, and they are also great for storage. It's important to make sure that your nightstand supports your functional needs. For instance, would you like to have a drawer or would a pedestal table suffice? Try keeping a pad of paper next to your bed for a week and write down everything that ends up on your nightstand. That way you'll know what kind of functionality you're looking for.

How to choose nightstands

Image: Paper and Pencil

There are no hard and fast rules for nightstands. They don't have to be a matching pair. To make different styles of antique nightstands work, make sure that they share a common design element, like height, material or color. 

How to choose nightstands

Antique nightstands are great for bringing cohesion to your bedroom design. They should look good with your bed and bring balance to your bedroom. That doesn't mean they have to match your bed though. When it comes to antique nightstands and beds, opposites often attract. For instance, wooden antique nightstands contrast nicely with an upholstered bed. If you have a dark wood bed, try for a lighter antique nightstand, or one that incorporates thinner brass legs. You can also get creative with your bedside tables and try something like a stack of vintage suitcases or a wall-mounted shelf. 

Suitcase Nightstand

Image: Toronto Interior Design Group

To recap, when choosing antique nightstands it ultimately comes down to finding the right size for your bedroom, a functionality that fulfills your needs, and a design that supports the overall look you are creating. We'd be happy to help you find something perfect. Come visit us in store or contact us today!



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