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Farmhouse Style Decor

Posted on October 04, 2016 by Judy Rom

We love farmhouse style decor. It's a look that's all about warmth, simplicity and sentimentality. Rustic and comfortable, American farmhouse style has become increasingly popular and plays so well with many other looks. Whether your style is traditional, modern, southern, cottage or industrial; anyone can add a touch of farmhouse style to their decor! Today we're taking a look at the origins of farmhouse style and how to bring the look into your home.

farmhouse style

Farmhouse origins

Farmhouse style goes back to the 18th century, when American colonists built the first farmhouses. These modest farmhouses were built to meet the basic needs of the farmers. The front of the house had a formal area where guests were greeted. The kitchen and bedroom were at the back of the house. The farmer would add more rooms as the family grew and the farm became more prosperous. 

Farmhouse style

The Look

The goal of farmhouse style is to create an inviting and cozy space, and the look is all about being comfortable in your home. Here are some farmhouse style elements to consider including in your decor:

Repurposed Accessories

Farmhouse style

As a general rule, farmers repurpose and reuse. Farmhouse decor often incorporates quirky, repurposed accessories. These can include barnyard architectural elements or tools and equipment reused as accessories.

Farmhouse Style Accessories

A quick way to infuse your home with farmhouse style is to add: wire baskets, galvanized buckets, mason jars, milk jars, ironstone pieces and scales as decor pieces. We have a fantastic selection of farmhouse style accessories in store.

Farmhouse furniture

Farmhouse style

Farmhouse style includes furniture collected over time. These items were passed down from one generation to the next. The hallmark of this look is the farmhouse table. However farmers would often have mismatched sets. Tables might have been inherited, but chairs might come from another source. A great takeaway lesson from this is just because it didn't come together, doesn't mean it won't look great together! 

Farmhouse Whites

Farmhouse style

Wooden walls painted white are a major indicator of farmhouse style. Farmers painted their walls white because wallpaper was expensive. This look is classic as white walls beautifully reflect natural light. White shiplap is the typical version, but you can also accomplish this look by using neutral backgrounds, warm wooden tones and simple fabrics and patterns.

Farmhouse Dishes

Farmhouse style

Another great way to achieve this look is through white farmhouse dishes. White ironstone is both beautiful and functional. Add flowers to a white ironstone pitcher or display stacked platters on an open shelf.

The Kitchen, The Heart of The Home

Farmhouse style

For farmers the kitchen was the heart of the home. It was a place to gather and to prepare and eat meals. Farmhouse kitchens are large and unpretentious. There are a few features to a classic farmhouse kitchen: apron/farmhouse sinks, wooden countertops, freestanding cabinets, open shelves and a large kitchen table are all characteristic elements.

Farmhouse style

Farmhouse sinks are large, multi-functional and fabulous!

Patina/Rustic Touches

Farmhouse style

Patina is the look that's achieved by age, wear and oxidization. For home decor this often refers to items that are distressed or rusted. When it comes to farmhouse style the more worn and battered, the better. It means that the item had a previous life. Distressed and rusted items can add a lot of intrigue to a room. Try incorporating an element like this to bring some farmhouse style into your house. We find they look great even when combined with more traditional pieces.

 Which farmhouse style element is your favorite?

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