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Top 5 Interior Design Ideas of the Week

Posted on January 29, 2016 by Judy Rom

We are always on the hunt for interior design inspiration. This week we came across some gorgeous ideas on Pinterest. Always ready to pass on great design, here are the top 5 interior design ideas we are loving this week.

1. Beautiful Bathrooms

This has to be one of the most beautiful bathroom renovations we've ever seen! We are absolutely taken with this vintage buffet turned vanity! We love the idea of pairing a stunning bathroom vanity with rustic wooden elements and patterned tiles.

Beautiful bathroom - interior design inspiration

2. Personal Touches

Personal touches - interior design inspiration

Personal touches transform your house into a home. We believe that adding personal touches such as quotes and initials are important to make your home reflect your own unique personality. Add a quote onto a chalkboard or hang over-sized initials on your wall. Whatever makes your space feel like a reflection of you.

Personal touches - interior design inspiration

3. Demijohns

Demijohns - interior design inspiration

Demijohns are large, vintage glass bottles that add serious charm. They look gorgeous when layered with moody tones. They also look incredible when paired with wooden boxes, lavender and galvanized steel.

Demijohns - interior design inspiration

Want to add a demijohn or two to your home? We have a fabulous collection of antique European bottles for you to browse through!

4. Open shelves

Open shelves - interior design inspiration

Open shelves do double duty; they are both functional and beautiful. We especially love the look of open wooden shelves in the kitchen. It's the perfect way to store the things you use every day as well as those special pieces that are too pretty to put away in a cabinet. Include some choice antique pieces to take your display to the next level!

Open shelves - interior design inspiration

5. Timeless design

Timeless design - interior design inspiration

The key to creating a timeless design is using simple palettes and chic, elegant furniture. Traditional pieces never go out of style. 

Timeless design - interior design inspiration

We recommend investing in antique furniture pieces that you love. You can style them according to you personal space and preferences.

Come and visit us in store for more interior design inspiration!

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