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How to Hang Antique Chairs as Shelves

Posted on January 19, 2016 by Judy Rom

Updated on April 27, 2020

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We love antique chairs! Aside from being utilitarian, they are gorgeous pieces of furniture, each with their own unique structure and intricate details. When we came across the idea to hang antique chairs as shelves, we were hooked! Re-purposing and up-cycling have taken interior design by storm and this idea is just brilliant. It's both functional and charming and the look is sure to make an impact in any home.

Hang Antique Chairs as Shelves

The idea to hang antique chairs as shelves is not so removed from how chairs are already used. How often do you walk into your home and toss your jacket belongings onto the nearest chair? It seems like furniture designed for holding people works wonders for holding our possessions as well. 

Hang an Antique Chair as a Shelf


Want to try this look? There are a few ways to hang an antique chair as a shelf.

The first part is finding the right chair. Antique chairs with large seats and a relatively rigid back and legs are ideal. You want to make sure that the back of the chair can be flush against the wall.

If your chair sits flush with the wall and is made of wood or another solid material, you can simply drill directly into the chair using screws. Be sure to pre-drill holes to prevent wood splitting. If it is a heavier chair,  you might want to create a bracket for it. 

If it's an antique chair that you don't want to devalue or one you might want to use for another purpose in the future, we recommend using wall hooks instead. This will allow you to hang the chair by its back. Just mark the wall where you would like to place the hooks, secure the hooks to the wall and hang your chair.

If you have a gorgeous but broken antique chair, you might want to consider completely re-purposing it as a shelf.

Hang an Antique Chair as a Shelf

The possibilities for this look are endless. You can play around with hanging your chair upright or even flipping it upside down!

Hang an Antique Chair as a Shelf

Hang a chair as a shelf!

Here's another clever idea; use the chairs as extra hanging space for clothing! This would be perfect if you had guests coming and needed to create additional closet space. This way you get to use the chairs as shelves, hanging space and also free up some room on the floor. It's a very functional way to store chairs that you only use occasionally. 

What do you think about this look? Which way would you hang antique chairs as shelves?  






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