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Artful Hosting, Hosting Tips In Honor of Mom

Posted on May 02, 2017 by Annie Robinson

Gathering people and hosting in your home is truly an art. In honor of Mom we're sharing a few tips on how to be a meaningful and kind host in your home, workplace or wherever you practice hospitality.

A Cup Of Tea: A Great Place to Start

True hospitality takes time to develop, but there’s always a good place to start: tea. Providing a simple cup of tea can bring comfort and cause for conversation. Our favorite is Tea Forte, for all of its color and flavorful variety.


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Real Conversation: Is Connecting a Lost Art?

The Art of Hosting is a movement about having artful and meaningful conversations in your home or any place you may be hosting or leading a group of people. Mothers do this in their homes, CEOs do this in their businesses and baristas master the art of hosting in coffee shops. In our often digitized interactions, human connection is now more important than ever. Let's be willful to turn off our phones and engage.

Whatever your setting, here are few tips for artful hosting and meaningful conversations:

  1. Set an open and welcome tone for all guests.
  2. Give people a reason to join and something concrete to start chatting about (an interesting flower arrangement, a book of photos, a recent news article).
  3. Prepare questions that will interest your guests.
  4. Encourage everyone to participate and share thoughts about your promptings.

Connecting with those around us about what matters doesn't have to be difficult. Come together this Mother’s Day by being intentional with your guests.

artful hosting

Interesting floral arrangements in antique or heirloom vases provide great atmosphere and conversation pieces. Image courtesy of ethanollie.

Gifts: Treating Guests (and Mom!)

An olive branch, a blessing or a treat, gifts can bring about connection for loved ones or acquaintances. When hosting, sharing gifts can be a great way to break the ice; it’s another concrete thing to chat about and who doesn’t like getting a great gift? Certainly it’s a season for gift giving because we all know Mom deserves it. View our Pinterest board for Mother’s Day gift ideas.

With that in mind, you’re invited to our Mother’s Day Shopping Week to find great hosting gifts and the perfect gift for Mom. Spend $50 or more and you'll receive a FREE gift for Mom (May 6th through May 13th, 2017). So treat yourself or come shopping with Mom for a fun Mother’s Day outing. We’ll have the tea waiting for you.

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Stumped on what to get Mom? Here's our wishlist of amazing gifts for the women in your life:

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