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Cowhide Trend Alert!

Posted on March 03, 2017 by Judy Rom

We are such fans of the cowhide home decor trend. Cowhide has a beautiful texture and works well for so many different interior styles. From rustic to traditional, and even in an unexpected pairing with modern decor. It's also very versatile in terms of how the material can be used. It's a gorgeous look for furniture upholstery and detailing, and also when used for smaller accessory pieces.

Cowhide trend

Larger pieces of furniture with cowhide can really make a statement! This stunning bookcase has three adjustable shelves and cowhide accents. Shown in front is a 3' cowhide bench. The cowhide adds a really sophisticated textural element. 

Cowhide trend

Cowhide is a very durable material, perfect for furniture upholstery. Because of the unique nature of cowhides, no two pieces are ever identical. It's a great way to express your own individuality. Look at how many options we have in these stunning 4' benches!

Cowhide trend

Cowhide is the perfect way to bring a rustic, chic vibe to a room. These pieces are all made in Texas and invoke a gorgeous, Western feeling!

Cowhide trend

Smaller decorative accessories like magazine holders and picture frames are perfect for finishing off the look of a room. These items are a great way to try out the cowhide look on a smaller scale. 

Cowhide trend

We love the luxurious visual impact that cowhide makes. These rich, natural hues look especially impressive when offset against a crisp, neutral color palette. The cowhide attracts the eye and brings personality as the trendy, focal point of the room. 

Which of these cowhide pieces is your favorite?

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