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Home Office Organization Tips

Posted on February 20, 2017 by Judy Rom

February is a great month to get work done. The year is young and goals are fresh. We find that one of the best ways to get motivated is by creating a stylish and functional home office. Whether you use it to work from home or to keep up with the bills; a dedicated home office enables a more productive and creative home working environment. Here are our top tips for home office organization:

home office organization

Photo: Stylizimo

1. Have a Dedicated Workspace

Home office organization starts with a dedicated workspace. Whether your home office is a spacious room or a kitchen nook, decide and commit to an area that is best for you. Once you know where your home office will be you can select the right desk for the space. It’s important to know where your desk will be in order to pick one that’s suitably sized. Measure the available space to determine what size desk and chair will fit. Another factor to consider is the direction you’d like your desk to face. Ideally towards a window with a view. If this isn’t an option, choose a bright and sunny spot instead. 

Home Office Organization

Photo: Nina Farmer Interiors, photography by Lesley Unruh

2. Give Everything its Place

One of the biggest factors of home office organization is keeping clutter to a minimum. It's best way to tackle this proactively. From papers to pens, give everything you use a dedicated place to live. Gather your pens into a votive holder or jar and place on a tray. This sophisticated look is also functional as trays are easy to move around if you need to free up space.

Home Office Organization

Photo: Nagwa Seif Interiors

3. Include Unique Objects for Inspiration

Your home office should be a stimulating place for you to work from. A great way to achieve this is to include unique inspirational objects. Artwork is especially important if you don’t have a lovely window view. It will give you motivation to creatively tackle your tasks. Artwork can include sculptures from your travels, striking paintings and small antique pieces.

home office organization

Photo: The Scout Guide

4. Keep It Clutter-free

The trick to maintaining home office organization comes from keeping it clutter-free. Avoid filling your desk and instead keep your work items neatly tucked away. You can keep an orderly space by organizing your notebooks, objects and trays in a grid format. This organization style will give your items breathing room and allow your home office to have a polished look.

Home Office Organization

Photo: Jennifer Pacca Interiors

A stylish and well-organized home office can have a major impact on your motivation. The keys are: choosing a dedicated workspace, giving everything its place and filling the space with inspiring objects. Keeping it clutter-free will ensure maximum home office organization and enjoyment.

5. Secretary Style Desks

Home Office Organization

Photo: Cynthia Mason Interiors

Secretary style desks are timeless. This gorgeous, traditional-style desk is perfect for anyone looking to save space and stay organized. We love that they offer tucked-away storage but open up to provide ample working room. Secretary style desks are practical and sophisticated, the ultimate desk for home office organization.

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