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How to Create Warm Minimalist Decor

Posted on January 27, 2017 by Judy Rom

Minimalist decor can often be perceived as cold, stark, modern and boring; definitely not the type of decor we offer at Ski Country Antiques. However, a new trend of warm minimalist decor is emerging. Warm minimalist decor uses the same ‘less is more’ mantra of minimalism, but with sumptuous furniture and textures. That’s a decor style that we can appreciate. Want to get the look for your home? Here are our top tips for creating warm minimalist decor.

Warm Minimalist Spaces

Photo: Amber Interiors

1. Clear The Clutter

Warm minimalist decor is a great style to incorporate for a fresh new year. It’s all about clearing out the clutter and creating a calming, luxurious look. The best way to get this look is to start with a purge. Get rid of unnecessary objects that don’t bring you joy. We recommend revisiting each room, every few months. This will allow you to look at objects with a fresh set of eyes and simplify further over time.

Warm Minimalist Decor

Photo: Nicole Cohen, design Jennifer Shalom

2. Use a Natural Palette

The palette for warm minimalist decor is neutral, natural colors that show up in nature. Think beige, gray, caramel and cream. This natural palette will inspire a calming sense of warmth. On top of the neutral tones, you can incorporate earthy tones like greens, blues and browns. If you're going to add a pop of color, do it through art or an antique rug.

Warm Minimalism Decor

Photo: Heidi's Bridge

3. Quality Over Quantity

When embarking on a warm minimalist design look, the living room is a great place to focus on. Warm minimalism is a design style that oozes sophistication. It’s a look that is all about creating a rich, warm and aesthetically clean space. The challenge of warm minimalism is that you don’t have a lot to work with. Every piece should be carefully considered. We recommend focusing on quality over quantity, classic pieces will stand the test of time. In the living room we suggest including sumptuous furniture with rounded edges. Club chairs and roll-arm couches would look gorgeous in a warm minimalist living room.

Warm Minimalist Decor

Photo: Leanne Ford Interiors

4. Get Proper Storage

Proper cabinets are a major component of warm minimalism. If you’re going to remove the clutter you need to have stylish storage to organize your items. Antique wooden cabinets look gorgeous when they have the space to be appreciated.

Warm minimalist decor

Photo: Studio Oink

5. Include Rich Textures

Minimalism is the art of living comfortably with less. That’s why including rich textures is the key to creating warm minimalist decor. Texture is what keeps warm minimalist decor from feeling cold and sterile. Be sure to blend textures within the same color spectrum to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Get the look by layering cozy neutral-toned textiles like luxurious pillows, throws, blankets and rugs.

Warm Minimalist Decor

Photo: Gravity Home

At the end of the day, the underlying philosophy behind warm minimalism is to keep it simple. When it's applied correctly, warm minimalist decor creates a beautiful, calm and inviting space.

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