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Holiday Decor & Gift Ideas

Posted on December 08, 2017 by Shannen Eikerman

Our in-store designer shares her top tips for bringing holiday cheer to your home and those around you.

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Let’s spruce it up a bit this year: here are our favorite Christmas decor tips from Maggie, who decorates our 20,000 square foot every year.

These holiday decor tips will inspire your home with the spirit of this special season!


Start With Scents

What better way to evoke Christmas spirit than filling your home with everyone’s favorite holiday scents? Get your home into the mood by placing a couple of holiday diffusers around your home. Maggie recommends the scents from a local Colorado company, Rosy Rings. Her favorite? Red Currant & Cranberry. A festive blend of mandarin oranges, tart cranberries and red currants underscored by fresh ginger and cedar. They not only smell good, but look good, too. All of the botanical candles & diffusers contain real pine cones, berries, spices and other natural elements.

The Hot Cocoa collection from Thymes is a new candle line full of chocolaty goodness. Available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Peppermint, these candles will add a bit of warmth and sweetness to your home, and might even make you wish you could take a sip!

Trim The Tree 


In addition to heirloom ornaments passed down over the years, add some new ornaments to your collection. Maggie loves this line of felt ornaments, complete with skiing, backpacking and Tyrolean bears, and marshmallow roasting moles. Hang them on the tree, or nestled in garland for a fun holiday tablescape. They are also perfect for stocking stuffers!

One of Maggie's favorite ways to decorate a tree is with a color theme. You can still blend in your treasured ornaments, just pick the ones that will work with your color pallet. Not sure where to start? Here are some tried and true combinations:

• Red and white - a classic!

• Antique gold and silver - very on trend this year

• White and silver - for a frosted snowy look

• Emerald green and gold - quite elegant


Maggie also recommends adding picks to your trees. These often overlooked stems of berries, snowy evergreens and glittery branches aren't just for putting in vases. Tuck them into the branches of your trees to add texture and color and fill up empty spots.

Bring The Outside, Inside

black and red antique sled

In our previous blog post, we talked about bringing the “outside”, “inside” to evoke a sense of outdoor adventure. Nothing says “winter” like skis hitting fresh powder or the sound of a sled racing down a hill. So, bring those elements into your living room. Using antique sleds, skis, snowshoes and ice skates as interior decor adds a playful ski-lodge vibe to any room.

A top tip from Maggie? Place an antique sled under your decorated tree or on top of a sideboard. You can also add a ski lodge flair by mounting antique skis on the wall.

Get Traditional

Antique German nutcracker

Nutcrackers originated in Northern Europe. Nuts were commonly eaten during feasts and celebrations, thus requiring nutcrackers. They became synonymous with celebration and were given as gifts to family and loved ones. Along the way, their designs became more intricate and festive, making nutcrackers become symbols of Christmas.

We have an assortment of lovely German nutcrackers ready to stand guard on your favorite end-table or mantle. These make excellent decorations, or, as in the days of yore, a unique gift for a loved one.

At The Table, The More The Merrier


Christmas time is about bringing people together. We believe the most important decor is the colorful personalities that your guests bring to the table! That being said - you can always make the table even merrier. Try sprucing up your dining room table with a festive table runner. Whether you’re the host, or you’re getting them for the host in your life, runners instantly transform the look and feel of your dining space.


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