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Cabin Fever: Rustic Cabin Decor Ideas

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Alistair Porter

The flowers are in bloom, the lake is finally at a tolerable temperature, and the kids are out of school...

Which means it's officially cabin season!

Weekends away at the cabin are perfect for spending time with friends and family, cooking up something tasty on the grill, and spending some much-needed time with Mother Nature. Are you looking to step up your cabin game this summer? Here are our favorite ideas for creating the perfect out-of-town sanctuary. 

Bring The Outside Inside 

  outdoor decor goes indoor  fun outdoor items hung on walls decor

Photos: Country LivingMidwest Living

Getting tired of staring at your cabin's requisite "Life's a Beach" sign, but want to maintain a whimsical element? Try another 'outside-to-inside' decor approach: decorate with antique sports equipment for an outdoorsy feel. Try using vintage badminton racquets, skis, scooters & snow shoes, etc. to create this look.  

Rustic Wood Detailing 

wooden features in cabin  rustic wood detailing in cabin bedroom


Cabins are the perfect mixture between the comforts of home and immersing yourself in nature. Capture this sense of outdoor coziness by adding rustic wooden accents by adding reclaimed wooden pieces like shelves, hutches & tables throughout your space. Wooden accents add a cozy feel all year round and character to both contemporary and antique stylings. 

 Nautical Accents

 nautical rope as a staircase railing canoe shelf

Photos: Simply Darling Designs & Inviting Home

Have a nice spot by the water? Draw on your surroundings for nautical decor inspiration. Try a DIY nautical rope banister complete attached to sailboat handles. Want something a little less high-maintenance? Try an antique canoe bookshelf in a corner that stores your favorite fireside novels and family photos. 

Detailed Rugs

  log cabin bathroom colorful rug in cabin bedroom

Photos: Onekindesign & Upward Bound

Antique rugs are a fun & colorful addition to any cabin space. Uniquely patterned rugs add stylish textures to rustic spaces, adding a warmth and depth. Additionally, a bold rug can visually partition a room, making it look more spacious - perfect for smaller cabins! 

Ready to spruce up your cabin? Shop the looks below! 


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