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Christmas Decor Storage Hacks You Need to Try Now

Posted on January 12, 2022 by Maggie Erickson

Christmas Decor Storage Hacks and Ideas
Happy New Year, everyone! We’re officially in 2022. While that marks new beginnings, it also marks the end of the holiday season. 
Whether we really want to or not, it is time to take down those beautifully lit Christmas trees and ornaments, the wreaths adorning your front door and fireplace, and the adornments on your mantle and front porch. 
Christmas Decor Storage

Decorating your house right before the holidays is such a magical and special part of the Christmas season, and yet, taking them down after the New Year seems like a stressful chore. We’re here to help make that process less taxing for you. Organizing your Christmas decorations and storing them a certain way can help save a lot of time and work for you when the next holiday season rolls around again. 

Follow these steps to ensure you remain organized for next year. 

Label Storage Boxes for Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decor Storage

One of the best ways to stay organized is to label everything you’re storing. Christmas decor storage involves putting away lots of different and tiny items that can be tedious to find the following year if they’re not labeled correctly. 

Labeling all your decorations helps you determine where to store your boxes. For instance, you can place all your Christmas ornaments in different boxes according to their shape and size, and then place all those boxes in one large bin. This way you know where all your Christmas ornaments are and don’t have to frantically search for them next year. 

Use Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

Christmas Ornament Storage

It is also important to make sure that your ornaments are kept damage-free. Dainty Christmas ornaments and bulbs are fragile, and it is best suited to place them in storage organizers. Christmas ornament storage boxes come with adjustable dividers, keeping your decorations well-fitted and protected from potential breakage. 


Use Reels or Cardboard for Storing Christmas Lights

When we’re busy decorating our homes for Christmas, we feel like one can never have enough Christmas lights on display. While that is true, it becomes tough to store all of them away for the following year without getting them tangled up. Are you fed up spending time untangling your Christmas lights? Well then don’t worry, you’re in luck. 

Light storage reels can make a great option for storage, especially when you have a lot of lights. All you have to do is roll your light strings and extension cords around the reels and place them in a zippered storage bag. Your lights will be tangle-free all year round! 


Keep Trees and Wreaths in One Piece

Christmas Decor Storage

If not organized safely and securely, wreaths and artificial Christmas trees can deteriorate over time. The last thing you want to see next holiday season is a smashed and disheveled tree when you’re unboxing your decorations. Make sure you keep your artificial wreaths and Christmas trees whole, instead of taking them apart and storing them separately. The best way to protect wreaths is by wrapping them in soft tissue and tying the ends so that the tissue lining stays intact. 

For storage purposes, zippered bags are the best way to put away your artificial Christmas tree. They retain their natural shape and remain dust-free until you reopen them the next holiday season. Wreaths can be stored in smaller, circular wreath storage bags. They keep the bows and embellishments on the wreath secure and looking good for next year. 


Find the Right Christmas Decor Storage Spot

Christmas Decor Storage

Keep the clutter out of your home by making sure you have a good place to store your decorations. For instance, use antique cabinets or accent furniture pieces to highlight your home while making good use of their storage areas. Or if you’re running out of space, consider adding one of our antique trunks to your home. That way you have a designated storage area in your living room and your home still looks great! 


Now that we’ve provided you with some great storage hacks, it’s time to get started on organizing your Christmas decorations. In the meantime, visit us in-store to take advantage and save up to 50% off during our Christmas decor sale. There’s no better time to stock up for next year!

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