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The Perfect Winter Ski Lodge Decor for Any Style

Posted on September 22, 2020 by Maggie Erickson

The perfect winter ski lodge decor for any style

As fall brings cooler temperatures, our thoughts begin to shift to all things winter. Gently drifting snow, crackingly fireplaces, and holidays spent with loved ones are on the horizon, and the best place to enjoy all of the joys winter has to offer is at the ski lodge. 

Lodges are truly versatile spaces. With the right decor, these winter getaways can be transformed to suit any taste and purpose. Here are some of our favorite ski lodge decor ideas.

Our Favorite Ski Lodge Decor Ideas

Cozy elegance

Cozy and elegant winter ski lodge decor

Image: 1st Dibs

There’s no reason why mountain ski lodge decor can’t be elevated. With a few sophisticated touches, you can easily transform a cabin in the woods into a chic den of tranquility. To capture this look, seek out minimalist decor that showcases raw materials. Plush furniture, wool throws, and neutral colors will all lend themselves well to creating a winter lodge space that is both intimate and stylish.

Mountain sanctuary

Cozy and traditional ski lodge decor in a mountain sanctuary

Image: @cozymera 

Who doesn’t love the idea of escaping to a homey mountain hideaway once the snow starts to fly? Rustic ski lodge decor should evoke warmth and comfort, so look for colors like terracottas and burgundies. Repurposed items and antique furniture give these spaces their charm, as do accents of wood and stone.

Ski lodge decor: winter chalet

Using recycled vintage skis as decor for your winter lodgeUsing recycled vintage skis as wall decor for a ski lodge

Image: Paper blog

After a day of fun in the snow, there’s truly nothing better than nestling into the chalet with friends and family. Bring the Rockies and Alps to you with the right mountain ski lodge decor. Consider earth tones when choosing the color palette for your own personal chalet, and create spaces that encourage gatherings of your favorite people. And, of course, no ski lodge is complete without vintage outdoor sporting equipment such as skis, snowshoes, and sleds.

Christmas in the woods

Create a cozy, wintery feeling with the right ski lodge decor

Image: Steed Hale 

Is there anything more enchanting than a rustic holiday spent in the forest? Whether or not your lodge is nestled deep in the woods, your choice of decor can make you feel like you’re celebrating the festive season in a winter wonderland. Bring the outdoors inside with pieces sourced straight from nature, such as antlers, tree boughs, and pinecones. Antique accessories like vintage clocks and heirloom kitchenware will bring a touch of nostalgia to this special time of year.

No matter what you’re dreaming of this winter, lodges are the perfect setting for spending snowy days surrounded by your favorite people. And, with the right antique ski lodge decor, you can make sure your winter getaway is perfect for your and your family — no matter what your personal style desires.

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