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Spring Home Decor Ideas: 5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home This Spring

Posted on March 16, 2021 by Maggie Erickson

Spring Decor Ideas

There are few things quite as invigorating as the first hints of spring. As the days grow longer and the world warms up, we all look for ways to chase away the dreariness of the long winter months. Luckily, it’s easy to usher in the new season with spring home decor. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration this season, here are five simple spring decor ideas to get you started.

Fresh plants and flowers

Floral home decor in time for spring

Nothing says spring like flowers in bloom and crisp green sprouts. Flowers are timeless and easy to decorate with, and lush houseplants are having a renaissance right now. Use antique vases and bottles to hold flowers in every room of your house, or repot your plants in vintage kitchen pots and ceramic mugs. If you can’t bring real greenery inside, floral imagery, wallpaper, or other textiles work just as well!

Pops of spring colors

Bring bright tones and soft pastels into your home decor this spring 

Color is an easy and effective way to evoke specific moods and seasons. Bright tones and soft pastels are classic ways to signal that winter is over. Using color in your spring decor can mean anything from big projects like painting your walls or kitchen cabinets, to subtle touches like adding throw pillows to your furniture, colorful centerpieces on your dining room table, or bright new towels in the bathroom.

Indoor lights

Brighten your space with light decor and warm lighting this spring

Spring brings longer, brighter days outside. Why not bring that brightness inside with unique lighting fixtures and lamps? The right lighting can completely change the way both a room feels — and it can give you a mood boost, too! Freshen up your kitchen or dining room with a statement fixture, or bring life to small rooms with limited natural light by using elegant floor lamps.

Open cabinetry

Try an open cabinet approach this spring


When the weather gets warmer, we love throwing open the windows and doors to chase out the stuffiness of those cooler months. While you’re at it, why not open up the doors inside of your home as well? Remove the cabinet doors in your kitchen to show off your dishware and glassware, or store the things you might normally hide away on open shelving instead. 

Mismatched furniture

Embrace mismatched furniture this spring

Embrace the easy breezy nature of spring by shifting away from carefully matched furniture and replacing it with the unexpected. Surround your dining room table with mismatched antique seating. Pair your chic modern sofa with a reading chair dressed in bright floral upholstery. Furniture made of wicker or rattan also adds a touch of freshness to a space by giving the sense of bringing the outdoors inside. As an added bonus: these new mismatched pieces will give you somewhere to put your colorful pillows and throw blankets!

There’s no shortage of ways to brighten up your space this spring. All it takes are some bright colors and unique pieces to breathe new life and light into your home!

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