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Industrial Style Decor Ideas

Posted on September 25, 2017 by Alistair Porter

Industrial style decor guide

The Industrial Era began in 1760, spurred by the creation of three history-changing inventions: steam power, cotton & textile looms, and iron making tools. This time period inspires images of brushed metal, task lamps & sleek, productivity-focused designs. You can almost hear the lingering whistle of trains, the whirl of looms and the clanging of metal as the world entered into a new realm of possibility.

When the commercial spaces of factories were later repurposed for residential use, the muted tones, brushed patina, exposed brick, cement, and metal, and machine-inspired design remained. The Industrial Revolution's no-nonsense, factory design is what makes industrial antique pieces so timeless & chic.

Repurposed Mailboxes & Filing Cabinets

 Industrial filing cabinet repurposed for living room

(Dysfunctional Designs, Bricolage)

Industrial era mailboxes and filing cabinets can be repurposed as cabinets and statement pieces to add a warm panache to any room. With tons of compartment space, they provide the perfect balance between functionality and style.

Our favorite tip? Keep some drawers open, line with fabric and use to display antique trinkets - think magnifying glasses, apothecary bottles, antique toys, etc. Or simply use them as the organizational powerhouses they are. The numerous drawers give ample space for storing sewing kits, seasonal ornaments, and more. 

Industrial Style Stools, Couches & Chairs 

cozy industrial style seating industrial factory stool

(, Pinterest)

Industrial style seating ranges from the plush, button-tufted couches and chairs, to sleek, minimalist factory-style stools. Using button-tufted leather chairs and couches can make living rooms more homey & rich. Factory chairs, on the other hand, make excellent bar stools or chic workshop chairs.

Want to get more creative? Factory stools can also double as a decorative stand for sculptures, lanterns or potted plants.

Industrial Style Tables

Industrial coffee table with piping Industrial style tv stand

(Real Simple, What Rose Knows)

Industrial style tables usually feature the trademark materials of reclaimed wood and cast-iron piping. The clean, simple lines of these pieces fit perfectly in minimalist spaces and create a rugged feel that guests will be sure to notice.

Industrial Style Accessories

Industrial Antique Accessories Balance scale with floral decor

(Apartment Therapy, Magnolia Homes)

Looking to ease into the Industrial style trend? Try experimenting with accessories first.

Small decorative pieces from the Industrial era add charm and sense of history to mundane spaces. Place accessories on ledges and shelves, or display them on a coffee table as a conversation piece. Our favorite industrial accessory styling pieces? Try adding a gorgeous Cast Iron Scale, 1900's Seltzer Bottles, an Industrial Newspaper Trolley, or a French Coal Bucket to your space. 

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